With over 20 years developing academic programs for students, PACE has your solution to achieve academic success and confidence in your child.
One-on-One Tutoring with a Credentialed, Classroom Teacher

Student Levels: ALL [Below Level, IEP, At Level, Above Level]

Location: PACE Office, a public space or your home

Schedule: Anytime, scheduled based on your availability

Cost: $$$

Private tutoring with a teacher is the most effective method of learning.

  • We recommend students below-level to seek one-on-one tutoring for targeted instruction and faster improvement.

  • Students with IEPs are paired up with qualified teachers who understand how to best help the student with their individualized needs.

  • Students at or above level benefit from the one-on-one attention and the challenge of a personalized lesson plan created by the teacher.

Small Group Learning - 1 teacher:4 students
*a PACE exclusive program*

Student Levels: At Level, Above Level

Location: 100 Skyline Plaza, Suite 102, Daly City, CA 94015

Schedule: Monday/Wednesday 3-6PM, Saturday/Sunday 10-3PM

Cost: $$

At PACE, teachers teach is a core philosophy we've kept for over 20 years. The program's diagnostics, expectations, and curriculum have grown and adapted to the changes in methods of pedology and government standards.

  • Our proprietary computerized academic diagnostic uses adaptive technology to pinpoint your child's academic level.

  • Personalized curriculum, written specifically for the Common Core, is assigned to improve and challenge your child.

  • Teachers are trained to be proactive and engaging with students. Learning and achieving academic success goes beyond fundamentals. Engagement encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. Our teachers go above and beyond teaching study skills to develop independent learners.

Singapore Math Class - 1 teacher:8 students

Student Levels: At Level, Above Level

Location: 100 Skyline Plaza, Suite 207, Daly City, CA 94015

Schedule: Sundays - view schedule

Cost: $

PACE began teaching Singapore math before the Common Core existed as a solution for students where seeking to understand mathematical core principals and not just memorize math facts.

  • Singapore math is a methodology that includes principals and strategies that are compounding starting from grade 1.

  • Students are taught to become mathematical thinkers learning algebraic thinking as early as grade 1.

  • The foundation focuses on understanding how to create and solve real-world problems using math. To do this successfully students are trained to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills a fundamental recently adopted by the Common Core.

We understand how overwhelming the choices may be. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you your child's needs, your expectations and how PACE can be your academic solution for academic success.


PACE Learning
a part of Higher Level Learning, Inc.


Daly City Location Only

100 Skyline Plaza, Suite 207, DC, CA 94015



SUNDAYS (June 2018-May 2019)

Level 1 - 2:50-3:40pm

Level 2 - TBD

Level 3 - 1:50-2:40pm

Level 4 - 3:50-4:40pm

Level 5 - 12:50-1:40pm

Level 6 - 11:30-12:20pm

Level 7 - 9:30-10:20am

Level 8 - 10:30-11:20am

only $120 per month


Engaging & Vested Tutors

At PACE, we teach. PACE’s iReady diagnostic and READY curriculum guides our teachers to target exactly what your child needs to learn. Our teachers engage, instruct, and excite your child to understand, enjoy and succeed in academics.

Students are assigned tutors that:
  • Assess the student's academic needs

  • Understand their individual learning style

  • Set academic goals for improvement

  • Work with the parent to exceed expectations

Academic Diagnostic

Students are tested in math and English 3 times per year to ensure improvement.

The diagnostic test pinpoints students' needs down to the subject sub-skill level using cross-grade-level adaptive technology. learn more about our i-Ready test

*UPDATED 2017*
Built for the Common Core, not just aligned!

Each student's curriculum is personalized based on the results of their academic diagnostic.

With the new Common Core curriculum adopted in 2015, curriculum older than that does not meet new standards. See how PACE’s READY curriculum meets all expectations. 

3 Essential Subjects:

Common Core Math, focused on algebraic thinking, problem solving, and real world math.

Common Core Reading focused on comprehension, literature analysis and critical thinking.

Common Core Writing & Grammar focuses on grammar, content development, and organization of ideas. 

Creating Extraordinary

starting at $150/month

PACE's learning system goes beyond teaching academics.


Our Mastery Milestones teach students behavior and work ethics, Common Core foundational concepts, and study skills to develop extraordinary students.


Private Tutoring with a

Credentialed, Classroom Teacher

Teachers available throughout California

Flexible scheduling at the location of your choice


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

as low as $63/hour


Daly City Center

(650) 994-7223

100 Skyline Plz, Ste 102

Daly City, CA 94015

Mon/Wed 3-6, Sat/Sun 10-3

Higher Level Learning Inc.

San Francisco / Bay Area, California

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